Marinyl Yoga

                                                             My First Yoga

Yoga, introduced by a Yogi Friend before the yoga was popular in cebu on 2008. I have spent 15 minutes of yoga at home practicing the basic postures using the book,” BKS iyengar” it led me discipline to be committed to yoga and became my aspiration. It took me two weeks of practice, and 15 minutes yoga, before I decided to enroll in a professional studio. Later on I joined the beginner class  for one month at ANANDA MARGA CEBU, they taught me the basic yoga poses and i was working hard over a long period of time.


2009 I was pregnant on my first child, I used the yoga posture pregnancy to help my labor comes easy and safe. My baby came out good without complication and successfully delivered a healthy baby. I was incredibly happy and grateful that it took me 30 mins of labor pain. My doctor was impressed that it was short job to put my courage on and  I had zero complain in the delivery room.

3 month later, I was strong and confident to get back in yoga practice. I was still gain over 10 kilos more than my normal average weight , which was okay for me, but After couple of months was being perseverance and resilient….. Finally I was able to bring down about 10 kilos. Yoga changed everything for what I am today and whatever it comes tomorrow, I would still doing it and I am glad I am able to do it. I found it as precious moment with myself and it feels so good.:)


No matter how busy I am, but I am trying to balance everything in my life,  and there is no excuse for something because the time is up to us. 🙂  We make time what we love and  by doing it . It doesn’t stop me what I do now, because I know I can’t live for days without yoga and I fell in love with myself.


Drawing has always been my first and foremost passion, but Yoga has shifted my perception on life and how much more it gave me strength and made me overall regardless what is going on .It helped a lot on my struggle with dealing depression and anxiety. This thing is amazing doesn’t have an end and I am growing with it.