This is Marinyl Dean. I Graduated Bachelor of Science Major in Political Science and I attended a year study of MA, Master in Political.Β  I have a writing experience in the field of Political Science Program. Aside of my education experience,Β  I have 11 years of experience working in IT company and professional service as a certified Test Center Administrator. I worked in Business Reports, Marketing projects for business proposals, and content writing for product and services. I also experienced work in a government project implementing the economic development program and organizing a group to improve community social services; and part of my job, I wroteΒ  business meeting minute and comprehensive reports. I also worked as freelance SEO marketing focus on link builders, advertising ads, social media marketing campaign, content writing and web builder assistant.Β  I also experienced and co-owned e-commerce store with shopify, I integrated with other store, I managed marketing online and worked in social media platform.Β  I currently working on my own blog, manage my own marketing platform through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I provide reliable information for minimalist fashion trends, Yoga health and wellness, Illustrator, and Uplifting Positive Articles. My experience includes ; SEO Marketing, blogging, Social Media Marketing, Web Builder, Writing and Content writing.Β