My Unique travel to Turkey

If I had not come to Turkey I would not have found the deep meaning of the great civilizations of Antiquity. 🥰 The beautiful country that makes me fall in love with the culture, people, food, the ancient towns, language, cats, dogs and castles. ❤️ The country makes me reborn and rebirth. We are so different in many ways, some people live in different part of the world but we are the same, we are just people The ancient world is metaphor to us. It’s fascinating to me because I feel humbled – that there is a deep meaning of everything, the ancient historical to be valued and it is important to be reminded that we stretch beyond how small we think the world is. None of these languages and cultures what world we live today. ✨ I just realize about my deep thought of the antiquity, the time gone by true value. We have to be strong for our love ones and love people who cares about us. I see the value of life in the period time. I am a huge Starwars fan, and I made it in Cappadocia where starwars was filmed. Cappodocia is a historical region dates back to paleolithic era begins with the Hittites where the first Christianity in the later period. The region was formed 60 million years ago of soft layers of lava and ash. The churches and houses carved into the caves and rocks. The rock formation is something resembling in shape as pillars and it’s known as Fairy Chimney Valley in Cappadocia. There are 5 ancient underground cities in Cappadocia: Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Ozkonak, Mazi, and Urgup.The one I Visited is the Derinkuyu located in Gerome. It is believed that the underground cities were built by the Phyrigians during 8th to 7th BC. Derinkuya accommodated 20, 000 people, was stored with food and animals. The early Christians during the Byzantine era used it as a sheltered home and hid themselves from persecution. I imagined how people have lived for thousand years underground, I felt no fear. The temperature stays the same year around as 4 degrees. I went to the 7 floors that has small pathways and very narrow tunnel that you have to bend when you cross. I didn’t even know a place like this existed. Earth is filled with an excess of far-fetched places, some we have all heard of, and some we haven’t. Imagine during Roman times watching events such as gladiator combats, venations and animal slayings. I travelled 6 hours to Adana known as popular for Adana Kebab. I passed Mersin and Tarsus. There are more Historical sites around in this area. We stopped the Roman city called Elaiussa-Sebaste 2nd century BC located in Tarsus. It was the second biggest city after tarsus of Roman empire. When I was in the 6th grade, I had dreamt of the Roman Amphitheaters because I found the oldest History Book was hidden under the bed that I didn’t know who owned it. That book Made me fascinated about the ancient history, I laid my hand on the picture and I said, “someday I would come to see you”. It’s a sensation synesthetes feel after I have seen being touched by the History as my affirmation responded to the current place where amphitheater located. I am a great believer of vision. Surprising in most of the Places I have been, are being predestined by faith. 🥰The medieval castle with a moat I had sketched 11 years ago. I visited the Mamure (Prosperous)Castle in the province of Mersin highway, the largest castle in Turkey with an area of 23500 square meter from the Mediterranean Sea coast. The Mamure Castle 🏰 was built by the Romans in the 3rd century and was restored by the Armenian. It was rebuilt by the Seljuk empire and has 39 towers and ruined Turkish bath. Exploring the ancient Roman City where the temple of Apollo located at the end of Side’s peninsula. The Temple of Apollo was built around 150 A.D. The region is the center for slave trade in the Mediterranean. All the Roman ruins can see today in modern Side from the period of Hellenization and Alexander the great. The market, Theatre, Stadium, Basilica, Bath, Museum, city walls, gates and all the principle structures of the ancient world.
It’s nice to travel that is part of my life that I am an emotional artist because I have so much emotion to put on my artwork. I unexpectedly have met an extraordinary artist Seersa Omar lawyer Artist in Alanya who paints the same castle I sketch. . The Alanya castle 🏰 was built in the 13th century Seljuk. The castle has an area of 250 square meter and 820 feet high rocky Mediterranean peninsula. It has 140 towers, 6km defensive wall, old ancient Mosque of Suleiman and Christian church ruins. It’s inspiring to hear from her, “someday you can paint and you will join in Exhibit”. ☺️I always want to do things that are different. I always fix myself alone to savour my life for freedom and solitude , I always go places I have not been, I always make friend to strangers, I always make my own recipe, I always Practice Yoga at home because I feel so much connection to myself, I always disbelief what society tells me, I always make my own rules, I always love friends that everyone hates them, I always do things that it doesn’t sounds like me. Sometimes the things I convinced that I don’t want turn out to be the thing that I need to be the most in this world.❤️🥰✨

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