How to make flight easy for you and fly safety in your travel

I have gone on trips with my daughter a couple of times. ✈️ The first trip I had gone on when she was almost 2 year old, it was hardest Airplane ride I ever experienced. πŸ™ Traveling during Pandemic means that there are some rules and regulations we will be expected to follow. ➑️ Make sure bring all necessary documents and have neatly categorized in a folder. Forget the glamorous exciting experience of previous years, even pre-pandemic travel. ⛔️The airport was pretty much crowded when it comes seeing the world. ⚠️ A bit of awareness and alert to the safety when you are in the airport. Please Leave extra time and pay attention of the boarding time. Always wear a facemask never take it off. βœ”οΈ

I have taught my daughter what is exactly to be expected in the travel and what are necessary things that we needed. It’s worth double-checking the important documents and put one hand-carry luggage. I put it in my head. Speaking to myself, ” we are crossing the border and this is pandemic” If I missed the flight, I would be high-strung, so it was smart not drinking much wine in the plane even if It was free. It was hard enough to deal with everything, expected the 100 percent stress. We had to jumped in three times in the airport because we flew 3 planes for the whole trip. We flew Cebu to Doha, Doha to Istanbul and Istanbul to Antalya.

My daughter carried both hands with two stuff animals and one big luggage of stuff toys , Glad they had not checked on it. Once you get in the Airport, you should not worry about the time zone of your plane ticket, Just always follow the flight number and as soon you arrive at the airport, find your gate number. When we got in Istanbul we messed up our luggage. We lost our stuff and we could not wait to look for it because we had to catch the next flight going to Antalya. We could not speak Turkish and none of the signage I understood. We looked for the Turkish airline counter, had checked-in our luggage. We waited for an hour in the screen schedule for gate number and then found it. We arrived safely and reached our destination.😍❀️

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