The chapfallen of Rai aftermath and Looking back the Yolanda

My country, the Philippines, was wrecked by the ghastly hideous typhoon Rai, We have not even beat the recessionary doldrums of corona. I have still not yet been in contact with my Mother and all I have seen the chapfallen of aftermath. As I read back my blog 2013 , β€œthe deadliest typhoon hit this year”. It’s the same feeling I have thought about my mother on Yolanda . You don’t know, how it feels growing up in a country that has most headlines and pensive heartsick typhoon Disaster in Asia. I would say on my opinion, many will be in tears while Politician shines as hero. Now, the corrupt politicians have good excuse for coming election. The devastated aftermath (Tacloban Leyte)We all knew that the haiyan typhoon was coming. Everybody was contrive in readiness, and reserved food supply and water. After we have experienced the 7.4 magnitude was hit in Bohol and Cebu, it was enough for us to be scared and worried by incalculable outcome. On Wednesday Morning, as the typhoon nearly reached the Philippines, the Media announced that classes and work were suspended to keep everyone’s safe. Later on Thursday afternoon, there were hundred of people in the grocery store, and almost nothing was left on the shelves. I couldn’t imagine how strong was the storm. I didn’t think it would seriously kill us, until I had watched the news and apprehended. I have realized that it was a death threat. I remember, I was in the grade school when the typhoon Ruping hit Cebu, my mom moved us out in the concrete building structure. It was my favorite time of the year, because all the kids stayed in the evacuation center. It was fun playing with flash lights and slept in a tent. But comparably different because thousands of people had lost their lives and majority of the houses were destroyed. It was the strongest typhoon made the landfall in a recorded history, and no one had ever known when it would hit the land, the typhoon became stronger. Above the eye of the typhoon was the most strongest wind and had intense power, but we were at the bottom part, so we only had felt a little bit. But consider we still felt the strength of the wind that could knock down the trees and blew off roofs. The whole time I have thought about was my mom, who is living in the coastal area of the north because I knew how bad it was. After I watched the news that the typhoon was in Tacloban, and it was moving to the northwest. I said,” God help my family”. I was worried about Bohol Island, because there was no solid structure to protect them. Thousands of residents had lost their houses, and survivors were camping out in the Park. It was improbable for them to get help. It could be a lot of damages or even worse if it was hit that place. The aftermath of Haiyan typhoon was the severe damages in further north of Cebu. They were a lot of houses had destroyed, and gone out of 12 deaths. And the most hardest-hit areas was Tacloban Leyte. Several houses were wiped out, communication lines were gone, and major power outage. The raging flood devastated the town. The death toll could reached 10,000, and they were still missing people. I couldn’t imagine if I was in that place. Looting the bank and mall at the worse time, that had nothing left in the town, and there were hundred of bodies on the street, it was even the hardest situation to control. If you were the only survivor, what would you do?#awayfromhome#OdettePH

Photo Credit: Joan Montecillo Saysip

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