To myself Solitude

When I do my Yoga, I need a complete self -surrender in a quite place. That is why it becomes a habit to do yoga on the roof deck. For some people yoga associated into fitness and physical needs, but mine I associated to my spiritual awakening and belief system. Yoga gives me a rebirth, chance to mend the past mistakes, and chance to live for a bigger purpose. I begin my journey of spiritual path, because of yoga, and I see a bigger picture and what is happening with me and how to accept the way I want to live. If there is one thing in life that we have control over, it’s our ability how we see things. Each of us has ability to choose whether we want to imagine ourselves into a bigger picture or small, how we can fill our glass in maybe half or full. I Just remind myself  why I am here. Yoga gave me a positive perspective in my life. Before I felt like an hour probably just 1 minute or 2 to fully engage myself, but it changed my attitude through my practice everyday , it regularly nourish my body and cultivate my gratitude for what it does for me. The Warrior 1 and 2 helped me realize that every time life handed me something difficult, It showed me a positive attitude.

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