Yoga Self Practice

This is the beginning of my Yoga Blog for 2020.  As I look at my past yoga videos, pictures and Instagram archived stories, I realized I have Left something that I have missed and I just got back to this page remembering the purpose of a website. Being a self practice yoga, it takes patience and motivation to commit it everyday and master the breathing techniques and initiate yoga postures on my own without an Instructor to teach me. The most important thing is my breathing. The breathing is what I am working towards my goal, because every breathe in and out, it gives meaning to my life and brings faith that I believe this is my existence and it teleport message to the most essential Supreme power at the center of the universe. The breathing is connecting energy into my inner core and many of the postures have a meaning that goes beyond strengthening and  lengthening of muscles. It brings more magic and meaning to every moment , I have spent that pose.  Most places I do my yoga is at Home Gym, inside of my place and Yoga on the roof top.  Before I go to my work, I  already have scheduled my yoga time at 5:00 AM and everything has set it up. I know I always a rush time in a morning, but I am able to manage it. It’s clearly that as soon I wake up, and I hurriedly go up stairs to catch the sunrise. You would probably imagine how I’ve gotten all the pictures, and to be honest my daughter is my number one photographer. πŸ™‚

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  1. Chris H says:

    This is so true, breathing is very important to focus on when exercising. I never ran more than 10km, then I learnt a new breathing technique which helps me focus on my running. I lowered my risk of injury, connected my mind better to my body, live every step in the moment, and now run full marathons!

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    1. Marinyl says:

      thank you Chris! you are also my inspiration , you are a great runner😍


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