Remember to Reset, Re align and Restart

This morning I woke up with this word on my head about “forgiveness “. If I am being honest I have not able to figure out for many years, I’ve tried to work on it but could not past what had thrown at me, and this is why I would not have been able to find anything anyway. It was easy for me to see that my own decision were mine alone , regardless what others said. Knowing that it made me feel more empowered than ever because I was no longer fear and not needed to fight for my own happiness,peace and freedom . I was too stubborn for my own good, but it wasn’t enough and I have not fully recovered from a serious thing. I could have been more relieved or at least it could saved me a lot of pain if I had learned this healing process leading to acceptance and forgiveness. I realized there could not be any true of forgiveness as long there was no clear understanding of what I was angry with, so came to the time that I have to reset,re align and restart.

STEPS to Help to let Go and forgive

1.)Just do it. Here is the thing, I had not have cut my hair short first, it was naturally colored black , but I dyed from black to chocolate ash brown to have completely different look. I began  a simple way to let go and mark the day as changed.

2.)Reading is possible. as I sit on my desk ,it reminds me of something that can be a matter of finding myself and learning how to let it go. letting go is a process. It’s about facing the facts and dealing with reality. I Start reading the book of forgiving and healing on my kindle in under a minute. Reading is essential and it offers a great insights of forgiveness.

3.) I use Yoga self-reflection to break the Bad habits. This is me on a morning yoga kick Before I go to work. I manage to wake up every 5 am, and as soon as I am out of bed, I roll out my mat on the floor and turn on my favorite spotify music. In addition to help myself, I found out how to use words, to hold a place on my heart and mind , the way in which I can speak to myself and use affirmation to help me over self -sabotage negative thoughts and put a note as reminder to a positive change.

Affirmation of Self-Forgiveness:

I forgive you, be kind and nice

I forgive myself , be loving and generous

I release you, accept and move on

I let go the past, be happy and safe

I forgive everyone, Respect and be peace

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