Way to Wear NAVY BLUE Slip Dress with casual Sandal

Some Ladies preferred to wear dress paired with High heels, but today’s blog I want to draw your attention to my favorite way how to wear perfect Mini dress with casual sandal  that it looks great on you and  makes a super easy walk. I spotted this dress from online shop @shopsoulbliss that I couldn’t get out in my mind and I had to buy it. The Navy blue dress is pretty color that is quite sharp and beautiful that look very good on you.  You can also wear it  when you have your very first date,  and I promise you won’t get wrong of giving  good impression with your date. lol Navy blue dress is toughest to pair with sandals, but I found perfect match with this gold elegant  sandal has pearls on the side and  light as air. When it comes to fashion start thinking about the color what it goes together and it goes to your outfit.:) It can be very easy to swayed into what is trendy, but without getting enough style, I rather go with simple, yet elegant look. šŸ™‚ I bought the sandal from Aldo Shop and the long Champ handbag is still available at MAZE located AYALA shopping Mall, don’t miss the chance of having it. Thank you for reading. šŸ™‚



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